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A note from MORCA regarding recreating during the State and Local “Shelter in Place” orders.

MORCA is asking everyone to be aware of their trail behavior when participating at, and accessing, the few remaining open space parks available during state and local “Shelter in Place” orders.
While some state and local government orders allow travel to and use of remote open space parks for exercise, as long as we are following proper social distancing protocols, other orders prohibit this type of use. We are all encouraged to stay at home and pay attention to our state and local orders for the betterment of our community, state, and nation.


If you must get exercise during these trying times, MORCA requests that you exercise from your local neighborhoods. We ask that you not travel via car to the few remaining regional destinations that are trying to accommodate local visitors for exercise.
Vehicles parking close to each other in traditional parking areas, or other locations, is causing the public to become concerned that social distancing is not occurring. These reactions could cause further restrictions.
For those visiting Fort Ord National Monument, please do not park in the Toro Park Estates neighborhood. Avoid parking at residential locations like Anza Dr., Creekside Terrace Rd., and Portola Rd., etc. If you are going for a 5-10+ mile ride, we suggest you ride from your home. Public perception is everything and we are all in this together. Please help keep our trails open.
While you are out, remember to stay 6′ apart from people that don’t live with you, wash your hands, and do not leave your home if you are sick.
Final reminder: Cyclists, this is not the best time to try to push your skill level in order to post that best time on Strava. If you become a victim and require medical attention, you are harming more than yourself. You put others at risk, as well.
Please do the right thing.


Kind Regards,
Mike McGirr