Sea Otter 2021 

MORCA will once again be providing volunteers to support the Sea Otter Classic. As well as participating in the kick off cycling event of the year, volunteering for this event helps raise funds for MORCA, drives membership for IMBA and MORCA and helps MORCA gain name recognition in the local community.

Volunteer opportunities include:

Booth Staff


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Dual Slalom
MORCA will again be volunteering to Marshall one of the premier events at the Sea Otter Classic, October 7th – 10th. The Dual Slalom. In return for the volunteer hours you contribute the Sea Otter Classic makes a donation to MORCA, which goes toward the local trails.

As in past years all Dual Slalom volunteers will get a 4 day event pass, volunteer T shirt and a bagged lunch for each day you volunteer.

This year the Sea Otter Classic is using a new online volunteer platform called Volunteer Local. To sign up for a volunteer shift, please go to this page:

Where it says at the top of the page “Have a password? enter it here” type in MORCA and click “Submit Password”.
You will then see “+ Dual Slalom Course marshals, MORCA
You will then see a list of available volunteer slots.
Select the shift(s) for which you want to register, and complete the rest of the page.

Enter your email address, Your information, choose your t-shirt size, select MORCA in the “Group – Organization Name” from the drop down list and sign the electronic waiver.

Click “Sign Up To Volunteer” and you are done.

You will receive a confirmation email.