MORCA needs volunteers to support the Lifetime-Sea Otter Classic!!!

“MORCA will once again be coordinating volunteers to Marshall one of the premier events at the Sea Otter Classic on April 7th – 10th. The Fox Racing Dual Slalom. In return for the volunteer hours you contribute, the Sea Otter Classic makes a donation to MORCA, which goes toward the maintenance of local Trails.
As in past years all Volunteers will get a 4 day event pass, Volunteer T shirt and a bagged lunch for each day you volunteer.
The Sea Otter Classic uses an online volunteer platform called Volunteer Local. To sign up for a volunteer shift, please go to this page:
Where it says at the top of the page “Have a password? enter it here” type in MORCA and click “Submit Password”.
You will then see “+ Dual Slalom Course marshals, MORCA
There will be a list of available volunteer slots. They are all split into a morning and afternoon shift for each day.
You can sign up for as many volunteer slots as you want.

Select the shift(s) for which you want to register, and complete the rest of the page. Enter your email address, your information, choose your t-shirt size, select MORCA in the “Group – Organization Name” from the drop down list and sign the electronic waiver.

Click “Sign Up To Volunteer” and you are done.

You will receive a confirmation email.

December Safe Passages Raffle Winner!!!

Phillip Bezouska, thank you for your support and participation in the Safe PASSAGES program at the Fort Ord National Monument.

Learn more about this important Bureau of Land Management initiative designed to foster safe and harmonious trail use. At the end of a short 3-5 minute program, take the quiz and you’ll be entered into a monthly
raffle to win a $50 gift certificate from REI.
Here is the link to the Safe PASSAGES program presentation

Safe Passages!!!

It’s that gift-giving time of year, and wouldn’t it be great to have a chance at a $50 gift certificate from REI?
Here’s how: Take the “Safe PASSAGES (Pass at Slow Speeds and Give Everyone Space) Quiz and sign up for a monthly raffle. Tell your friends! See the message from the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) below.
“MORCA, FORT Friends and REI has partnered with BLM at the Fort Ord National Monument to help promote harmonious trail use between cyclists, hikers, joggers and equestrians. We hope you will join us by watching a short (2-5 minute) program about the Fort Ord National Monument Safe PASSAGES program. By watching this program and passing the Safe PASSAGES quiz, we will enter you into our raffle for a $50 gift certificate provided by REI, MORCA and FORT Friends each month.”
Here is the link to the program presentation and there is a link to the Quiz at the end:
Safe Passages Presentation

Monthly MORCA meeting!!!

Join us for our monthly meeting and to vote in the new board.  Monday November 8th at Lopez Taqueria, 22760 Portola Drive, Salinas, CA.  Meeting starts at 6pm.


Come to the MORCA Board Meeting, Volunteer for Sea Otter and get a Festival Pass

October is a month chock full of cycling activity.

The two big things this month are: 

The MORCA Board Meeting at Angelina’s Pizza and the Sea Otter Classic.

The MORCA Board is doing a special outreach to members at its Board Meeting Monday October 4th at Angelina’s Pizza in the Toro Shopping Center (off Hwy 68), 6PM to 8PM.  All members are invited to this meeting where we will have an overview of what MORCA is and what we do. We will complete the slate of Board Candidates for the 2022 Board and we will also complete the plans for the Sea Otter Classic where MORCA manages the volunteers for the Dual Slalom Course and we have a booth as well. 

We still need volunteers to Marshal the Dual Slalom Course – it’s a fun 1/2 day up close and personal with the Dual Slalom riders. Lunch is provided as well as a festival pass. 

The booth is at it’s usual location on the grass at G37.  We will have notes to make sure you are filled in on MORCA’s accomplishments and initiatives.  Mostly it’s important to meet follower mountain bikers and to help anyone who wants to join IMBA with MORCA as their chapter.  We have some SWAG and the new MORCA Jersies are here and ready for contributions.

See our website for volunteer sign up.

Volunteering for the Sea Otter is fun and you get a free festival pass to boot!

You will receive instructions for both opportunities so don’t worry if you want to volunteer we’ll make sure you are prepared.

Well, Happy Trails to you.  Hope to see you Monday Oct. 4th at Angelina’s Pizza!

MORCA monthly meeting minutes from September 13th, 2021!!!

Take a look at the notes from our September 13th, 2021 Board Meeting.

There are important meetings that affect us, upcoming events and volunteer opportunities. Also note the calendar items so you can save the date. Get involved and volunteer.


Upcoming events….

— October 2 at 9 AM—First Saturday Ride (no TAKMBD)–October 4 at 6 PM—Board meeting       at  Angelina’s Pizza
–October 7-10—Sea Otter Classic.
–October 16—Run for the Fallen (to be confirmed)
–October 23 at 9 AM—Public Lands Day; MORCA Ride-and-Trim.
–November 1 at 6 PM—Board Meeting
–November 6 at 9 AM—First Saturday Ride

What has MORCA been doing lately (this week)?

  • Re-Engaged with Monterey Peninsula Regional Parks District to try and gain access to Palo Corona Regional Park for mountain bikers. This has been an ongoing effort for over 8 years.
  • Attended a Marina City Council meeting to continue showing support for building a bicycle pump track in Marina at Gloria Jean Tate park. This has been an ongoing effort for over 5 years and is continuing to move forward with the expected build next year. See page 67 at
  • Attended the re-start of the Toro Trails Task force with the Monterey County Resource Management Agency (RMA) to continue discussing the future of Toro Park trails. This agency is responsible for the various county parks (Toro, Jacks Peak, Laguna Seca, the south county parks etc.) and also for much of the unincorporated lands around Fort Ord (near East Garrison for instance).
  • Sent an old plan (2012) suggesting we develop a bike park in the vicinity of East Garrison/Travel Camp to Monterey county RMA staff with links to other bike parks for reference and suggested we re-visit this and that there is a demand for a facility like this in the area.
  • Met with the land manager for the Fort Ord National Monument to discuss upcoming trail work plans for Trail 65.
  • This weekend (Saturday 20 March) we’ll be doing trail maintenance on trail 49 between Jacks Road and the Rock cleaning drainage and re-benching the tread as appropriate.

Welcome to the MORCA 2021 Board of Directors!!!

Effective January 1st 2021.


(returning) Mike McGirr, Henrietta Stern, Rodrigo Sierra, Jen Acorn, Jim “Mort” Morton; and (new) Christine Brockman and Julie Hymer.

CONGRATULATIONS AND THANK YOU for volunteering your time to serve the mountain bike community.


MORCA Member joins Fort Ord National Monument Volunteer Hall of Fame!!!

Congratulations to MORCA’s Phil Craig

Phil keeping the trails clear.

Phil was one of three volunteers inducted into the Fort Ord National Monument “Volunteer Hall of Fame” for the year 2020 by the Bureau of Land Management.  These honors are normally awarded in person on Public Lands Day, but were done in a virtual Zoom ceremony this year on October 26.

National Monument Manager Eric Morgan honored Phil for his many years of trail work with MORCA.  Trail crew leader Darius Rike noted that Phil has attended nearly every trail day, rain or shine.  Phil modestly stated that he enjoys being outside and helping maintain the trails for the enjoyment of all is its own reward.

Thank you and congratulations Phil!

2021 BOD Election Ballot

Dear MORCA Member,

The ballot for the slate of candidates for the 2021 MORCA Board of Directors is open and ready for your vote.

Voting closes on line on November 8th, 2020.  Votes will be tallied at the November Board Meeting, 6:00PM, Monday November 9th online Zoom meeting.

Please click the link here to download the ballot: MORCA Ballot for 2021 Directors

When you have cast your vote, please return the completed ballot to :

Thank you for being an active member of MORCA, your Mountain Bike Club and the voice for responsible mountain biking in Monterey County.  MORCA works to ensure access to trails close to home and the building and maintenance of a sustainable trail systems.

Fort Ord National Monument temporarily closed 20 August, 2020 due to fire concerns!

UPDATE TO THIS POST:  Fort Ord National Monument re-opened 08/25/2020.
Due to fire-related concerns, Fort Ord National Monument will be closed to the public for at least one day starting Thursday, August 20.
Closure information will be posted on InterGarrison Rd at Jerry Smith Corridor, 8th Ave./Gigling Rd., Creekside Parking Lot of Reservation Rd., and Badger Hills Parking Lot off Hwy 68.     BLM-FireClosure_08192020_FINAL
Fort Ord Fire Closure

NEW FUNDRAISER ALERT! Trail Aid: Beat Coronavirus, Support Trails, Win an Ibis (courtesy of MBOSC and IBIS Cycles).

“MBOSC and Ibis Cycles are teaming up to support public lands and public health!
The Covid-19 pandemic is unlike anything our organization or our community have faced before. We’re presented with a choice – do we sit back and hope for the best, or do we come together, take action, and support the things we care about most during this time of need? The team here at MBOSC is making it easy for you to make an everlasting difference in the health of our public lands and collective health with our new 4-week fundraiser, Trail Aid. For every $5 you contribute to support MBOSC and Covid-19 relief, you can protect vulnerable communities, support trails, and earn a chance to win the Ibis bike of your choice. What are you waiting for? Let’s beat this thing, give our trails some much-needed love, and get back in the saddle with our friends.
Through this campaign, MBOSC will give 25% of each donation to the COVID-19 Response Fund of Direct Relief, Community Foundation Santa Cruz County, Second Harvest Food Bank, or Project PPE 4 Central Coast, depending on the fund selected at checkout. Our goal is to raise $80,000 for trails and COVID-19 recovery efforts through this 4-week fundraiser. Will you help us get there? Donate today through the link below to support the trail to recovery.”

A note from MORCA regarding recreating during the State and Local “Shelter in Place” orders.

MORCA is asking everyone to be aware of their trail behavior when participating at, and accessing, the few remaining open space parks available during state and local “Shelter in Place” orders.
While some state and local government orders allow travel to and use of remote open space parks for exercise, as long as we are following proper social distancing protocols, other orders prohibit this type of use. We are all encouraged to stay at home and pay attention to our state and local orders for the betterment of our community, state, and nation.


If you must get exercise during these trying times, MORCA requests that you exercise from your local neighborhoods. We ask that you not travel via car to the few remaining regional destinations that are trying to accommodate local visitors for exercise.
Vehicles parking close to each other in traditional parking areas, or other locations, is causing the public to become concerned that social distancing is not occurring. These reactions could cause further restrictions.
For those visiting Fort Ord National Monument, please do not park in the Toro Park Estates neighborhood. Avoid parking at residential locations like Anza Dr., Creekside Terrace Rd., and Portola Rd., etc. If you are going for a 5-10+ mile ride, we suggest you ride from your home. Public perception is everything and we are all in this together. Please help keep our trails open.
While you are out, remember to stay 6′ apart from people that don’t live with you, wash your hands, and do not leave your home if you are sick.
Final reminder: Cyclists, this is not the best time to try to push your skill level in order to post that best time on Strava. If you become a victim and require medical attention, you are harming more than yourself. You put others at risk, as well.
Please do the right thing.


Kind Regards,
Mike McGirr


BLM temporarily closes developed recreation facilities in California

Hi Friends:

I hope you and your families are safe and healthy. I wanted to let you know that today the BLM has approved a statewide temporary closure of developed recreation sites in California.

At Fort Ord National Monument, our trail systems are open for exercise and healthy recreation, but our two developed trailheads (Badger Hills and Creekside Terrace) and associated restrooms will be temporarily closed pending further notice due to Covid-19 concerns. Gates are currently open at those two trailheads, but tomorrow morning they will be closed. Please let us know if you any questions or concerns. Stay safe!

The health and safety of our visitors and staff remains the number one priority of the Bureau of Land Management.
Eric Morgan, Manager
Fort Ord National Monument

Bureau of Land Management
940 2nd Avenue
Marina, CA 93933
(831)582-2212 office
(831)206-2505 cell

Important Announcement: All MORCA Group Events Postponed Until Further Notice

To promote Public Health MORCA is suspending group rides, trail work and face-to-face group meetings during the Covid-19 pandemic.  We all must do the sensible things necessary to limit the spread of the virus.  When more is known about the course of the virus and its impact on our society we will be in a better position to forecast dates when normal activities can resume.

We all love to ride our bikes, it’s a healthy practice for body and mind.  If you do ride, remember to wash your hands or use a hand sanitizer. There are prescriptions for people to stay 6 feet apart.  We hope you can continue to ride your bike and if you ride with a friend or friends, please practice hand washing and sanitizing as well as safe distancing.

Want a say in the number and type of trails built on the Santa Cruz coast?

Make your voice heard & impact public access to the Cotoni-Coast Dairies National Monument!

The BLM is now fielding public comment on how the public can access the 6,000-acre property just north of Wilder Ranch.

Now is the time to get involved & speak up for trail access! Public planning is decided by those who show up, and there are easy ways for you to get involved. Attend one of the public meetings below, and come out to Shanty Shack this Saturday to sign a letter (and get a sweet discount on a brew!).

. . . . .

MBOSC Letter-Writing Event

Saturday, February 29, noon-3:00 p.m.

Shanty Shack Brewing

138 Fern St., Santa Cruz, CA 95060

. . . . .

Public Meeting #1

Wednesday, March 4, 5:30-7:30 p.m.

Bonny Doon Union Elementary School District

1492 Pine Flat Rd., Santa Cruz, CA 95060

. . . . .

Public Meeting #2

Thursday, March 5, 5:30-7:30 p.m.

Louden Nelson Community Center

301 Center St., Santa Cruz, CA 95060

. . . . .

Get talking points and more info at:

Fort Ord National Monument “Safe Passages” initiative.

Safe PASSAGES is a new community-based initiative at Fort Ord National Monument (FONM)

intended to reduce trail conflict and improve safety for visitors on the multiple use trails. The acronym PASSAGES stands for Pass At Slow Speeds And Give Everyone Space. Community partners will be helping to teach good trail manners and reward visitors that practice safe passing interactions with other trail users.

For more information see the brochure at: Safe PASSAGES brochure

2020 Board of Directors

Your 2020 directors are: Mike McGirr, Brian Tomasini, Henrietta Stern, Nick Madronio, Jim “Mort” Morton and (NEW) Jen Acorn and Rodrigo Sierra. Thanks to all for stepping up to serve and thanks to Darrin and Matthew for their contributions in 2019. MORCA Bylaws call for the directors to choose officers in January.  Stay tuned.

2020 MORCA BOD Election Ballot

Dear MORCA Member,

The ballot for the slate of candidates for the 2020 MORCA Board of Directors is open and ready for your vote.

Voting closes on line on November 3rd, 2020, or in person at the November Board Meeting, 6:00PM, Monday November 4th at Turn 12, Monterey, CA

Please click the link here to download the ballot: MORCA Ballot for 2020 Directors

When you have cast your vote, please return the completed ballot to :

Thank you for being an active member of MORCA, your Mountain Bike Club and the voice for responsible mountain biking in Monterey County.  MORCA works to ensure access to trails close to home and the building and maintenance of a sustainable trail systems.

Fort Ord Public Lands Day. Save the date!!!

Save the date: Saturday October 26th 2019

MORCA will once again support the Fort Ord National Monument for the 2019 National Public Lands Day with a “Ride and Trim” to brush out local trails in the vicinity of the Public Lands day site.

The event will begin at 09:00 AM. This is a ride and trim so either ride your bike to the public lands day site or drive in (follow the event signage from 8th Ave and Gigling Road).  Arrive early so we can start on time.  See the flyer here for more information 2019 NPLD Flyer  

Please register directly with the event at this link OR you can sign-up on the MORCA Trailwork webpage after October 14th.

Trail Worker Volunteers will be treated to an always exceptional lunch provided by FORT Friends, with entertainment to follow!

This event is always fun and rewarding. Come on out and enjoy a day of friendship and stewardship.