Trail Work

Help build and maintain your local trails!

Lets beat 2020 and shoot for a 1000 plus hours this year!!!

Trail Work

Important Note:

To promote Public Health MORCA is suspending group rides and face-to-face group meetings during the Covid-19 pandemic.

We are doing limited trail work with a small group of our regular volunteers but are not currently having volunteer trail work days open to the general public.  If you are interested in joining this group for these trail days please email

Next planned trail work day:

When: 8 AM to Noon on Saturday April 17th, 2021.

What: We’ll be working on trail 65 from the top near Eucalyptus Rd down about 150 yards.  We’ll be re-establishing/hardening the tread with 3/4″ – DG mix.

Where: We’ll be meeting at 8th Ave and Gigling Rd parking area and convoying into the work site.  We’ll park at the top of Trail 65 on Eucalyptus Rd.

Long pants and eye protection suggested.  Close toe shoes required.

The Waiver from the MORCA website must be signed, dated and given to the trail crew leader before the start of trail work.  If under 18 you must have your waiver signed by an adult and should come with a parent or guardian.

IMPORTANT NOTE: For work on Trail 91 and other trails in the Army UXO clean up area you must complete the UXO training at  before participating in volunteer trail work.  Please complete and send the completion certificate to or print a copy and bring it with you to the trail work day.

Future Proposed trail work:

  4/17/2021         65  Tread Harden the top 150 yards of trail (6 to 8 inches of material – 3/4″ DG mix compacted 4 feet wide).
  5/19/2021    50(North)  Tread Clean up breaking bumps, bring in material and compact as needed.
  6/19/2021         61  Trimming Clear sight lines and open trail corridor.
  7/17/2021       TBD  Trimming Clear sight lines and open trail corridor.

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MORCA’s yearly trail work volunteer hours

2021 174Hours
2020 794Hours
2019 1188Hours
2018 - 1041Hours
2017 - 1020Hours
2016 742Hours
2015 - 600Hours
2014 - 916Hours
2013 - 438Hours
2012 - 309Hours