Make Your Miles Matter

for the Monterey County Food Bank

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Here are the rules:

  1. Register to bike a certain distance during the week of 17 to 23 May 2020.
  2. Go out and ride using the appropriate social distancing measures. We are seeing a lot of new faces out on the trails, so families can participate as a household.
  3. Keep track of how many mile you have ridden.
  4. Be sure to take some pics while you are out riding, post them, and use our hashtags #makeyourmilesmatter and #morca831
  5. When the week is done, calculate your total miles and pay MORCA $1 for every mile you have ridden your bike (any bike counts – we recommend the one that is most comfortable for you).
  6. Payment can be via PayPal OR you can send a check to P.O. Box 1742, Marina, CA 93933. Let us know that this money is for the Monterey County Food Bank. Please provide payment by 31 May 2020.
  7. Once we receive payment, we will do a “shout out” and “thank you” for your donation.
  8. MORCA will then turn around and send your donation with matching funds* to the Monterey County Food Bank.

Make Your Miles Matter

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What Name Mileage Goal
What Name Mileage Goal
Make Your Miles Matter Challenge #1: Mike M.50
#2: Darius R.100
#3: Cindy M.100
#4: Nick M.100
#5: Tom B.100+
#6: Maria L.60
#7: Julie H.50
#8: Mary pat D.75
#9: Henrietta S.80
#10: Lisa B.80+

Thank you for participating in this challenge. We can do more when we work together.

 *Contributions will be matched until MORCA’s charitable budget fund is exhausted (max: $1,000).