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MORCA Monthly Meeting Minutes for September!!!

Hey folks, take a look at the notes from our September Board Meeting (virtual meeting using Zoom).

There are important meetings that affect us, upcoming events and volunteer opportunities. Also note the calendar items so you can save the date. Get involved and volunteer.


Upcoming events….

(A) Mid-September—call for nominations for board begins with Oct 5 deadline (Bylaws 4.6).
(B) September 1-20—SOC Sea Otter Play virtual event
(C) Sept 26-Oct 24—Volunteer window for Public Lands Day
(D) October 5 board meeting—close nominations for directors; determine names on ballots and
disseminate by October 15 for November 2 voting deadline; set annual meeting (Bylaws 3.2)
(SOP 4.7)
(E) November 2 board meeting= Annual Meeting per Bylaws 3.2; count ballots and elect
directors (Bylaws 4.5); final chance for Board to adopt proposed budget (Bylaws 7.1)
(F) December 7 board meeting= final chance for membership to vote on budget (Bylaws 7.1)