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Mountain bikers support Toro Park trail system

The Monterey Off-Road Cycling Association (MORCA) is the non-profit organization that serves as the voice of responsible mountain bicyclists in Monterey County. We support the County RMA staff’s recommendation to have a multi-user trail system at Toro Park similar to the Fort Ord National Monument, which has a culture of proper trail etiquette and friendly, mutual courtesy among trail users (hiker/runner, bicycles and equestrians).

Fort Ord and many other locations throughout California and the West have successful multi-user trail systems. The mountain bike community is also renowned for “giving back” in the form of thousands of volunteer hours of trail maintenance, poison oak removal, and other activities which benefit all trail users. Due to age or injury, not everyone can hike or afford a horse, and a bicycle is a healthy way for young and old to enjoy our local trails. As residents and taxpayers, mountain bikers deserve to enjoy quality trail systems on public lands.

— Gary Courtright, Carmel