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Pay it Forward Day

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]It’s Pay it Forward Day and MORCA is prepping to head out for some trail work.  Working the trails is something they do every month, but how cool is it that their trail work day landed during such a great initiative?

After a little caffeine boost to get the blood flowing, the crew heads out to work.

The view out to the trails is phenomenal as always, and Mud Hen Lake is shimmering with the morning sunrise.

The tools are disseminated and the crews get ready to head up the hill.

The first crew is assigned damage control.  It appears this turn is a little off and riders are missing the turn and going off trail towards the trees.  A little adjustment is in order to make it a wee bit safer.

Benching the hill allows bikers to ride a line closer to the hill – making them less likely to ride off into the grass.

Meanwhile, the Poison Oak Bandit clears vines near the trail to help alleviate overgrowth – which seems to really happen in the Spring.

Team 2 works another corner by smoothing out brake bumps and refining the turn for a smoother ride.

A member of Team 3 cleans excess grass from the trail to help keep it clear.

With a little help of a McLeod, the trail thistles are brought back under control.

After the work is done, the crew finds some great food waiting for them.  Burritos for all!!!

These guys and gals do this every month.  To join the fun, go here:  Trail Work.