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MORCA Helps Monterey County Parks Sign Trails


MORCA uses $17,900 funds gained via a grant from the Monterey Peninsula Foundation to assist Monterey County Parks with over 24 miles of Trail Signage.

Twenty-three volunteers from MORCA and County Parks Staff worked together, May 6th and 7th, and completed Phase I of a much needed trail signing project in what is known to locals as the “Happy Trails” area located between Seaside and the East Garrison Development. 

The project was to install a number of instructional “stay on trail” and directional “way-finding” sings on the existing trails.  Phase I was the installation of 170 signs on ten miles of these trails.

The trails are used by hundreds of hikers, bikers, and horse riders each week.  Having these signs with specific trail designations will be valuable, not just in helping users have a better idea of their location, but also in helping local fire and emergency staff understand where an incident is when they get a call.

District Supervisor Jane Parker attended at lunch on Saturday to thank the groups for their efforts and mentioned the positive impact this will have on the general public’s safety and enjoyment of the country trails.

“I want to thank the Monterey Peninsula Foundation for awarding MORCA the grant to make improvements to recreational open space, Monterey County Resource Management Agency in getting approval for the work and Monterey County Parks staff and the MORCA volunteers for taking the time out of their busy schedules to hit the trails and make the sign project a reality.”  Nick Madronio

While it was expected to take more than one weekend to complete phase I of the project, there were enough volunteers to complete the project in one weekend.