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MORCA – Monthly Trail Work

309 hours of trail work in 2012
438 hours of trail work in 2013
916 hours of trail work in 2014
600 hours of trail work in 2015
742 hours of trail work in 2016
730 hours of trail work in 2017 to date….

Help build and maintain your local trails!!!


Saturday October 28, 2017 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM

What: As part of National Public Lands Day MORCA will lead a “Ride and Trim” from the LightFighter LZ site on the Fort Ord National Monument.  We will work on trimming the trails in the vicinity.

Trail work will wrap up around Noon so we can participate in the days events.

Where: Enter the Fort Ord National Monument at 8th Ave and Gigling Road and follow the signs to the event.

Bring your bike and small hand held tools (hedge trimmers, folding saw, etc) that can be safely carried on your bicycle.

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