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What has MORCA been doing lately (this week)?

  • Re-Engaged with Monterey Peninsula Regional Parks District to try and gain access to Palo Corona Regional Park for mountain bikers. This has been an ongoing effort for over 8 years.
  • Attended a Marina City Council meeting to continue showing support for building a bicycle pump track in Marina at Gloria Jean Tate park. This has been an ongoing effort for over 5 years and is continuing to move forward with the expected build next year. See page 67 at
  • Attended the re-start of the Toro Trails Task force with the Monterey County Resource Management Agency (RMA) to continue discussing the future of Toro Park trails. This agency is responsible for the various county parks (Toro, Jacks Peak, Laguna Seca, the south county parks etc.) and also for much of the unincorporated lands around Fort Ord (near East Garrison for instance).
  • Sent an old plan (2012) suggesting we develop a bike park in the vicinity of East Garrison/Travel Camp to Monterey county RMA staff with links to other bike parks for reference and suggested we re-visit this and that there is a demand for a facility like this in the area.
  • Met with the land manager for the Fort Ord National Monument to discuss upcoming trail work plans for Trail 65.
  • This weekend (Saturday 20 March) we’ll be doing trail maintenance on trail 49 between Jacks Road and the Rock cleaning drainage and re-benching the tread as appropriate.